About Grace Lutheran Church

Our History

Grace Lutheran Chruch was formed by merging the congregations of Bethel Lutheran and Bethlehem Lutheran in 1980. The dedication of our current church buiilding was held in 1984.

A complete write-up of the history of these churches is soon to be released.

Our Faith

Written by Pastor Fred

Our Faith reflects how we understand and do church.
Martin Luther believed that we are saved by grace through faith.
Therefore, everybody is welcome to participate.
Martin Luther believed in the priesthood of all believers.
Therefore, we encourage all people to use their gifts in worship.
Martin Luther believed that in order to have church unity, that the Gospel be preached in conformity with a pure understanding of it and that the sacraments be administered in accord and with the divine word.
Therefore, God word is essential.  And God always comes to us in many ways especially through the water (baptism), bread and wine (Holy Communion) which is Christ’s real presence of body and blood.
Martin Luther believed in the theology of the cross.  It stresses the cross as the only source of knowledge concerning who God is and how God saves.  Since salvation is done for us, therefore, all are encouraged to serve their neighbors.