Ministry Teams

Education & Youth

Our Youth & Education Ministry Team plans events to encourage Christian education and attendance at church functions by all but with a focus on the youth and families.

Read about our Preschool here.


The Fellowship and Social Justice Ministry Team plan a number of congregational and community events each year to encourage positive connections between church members and friends.  Some of these events help raise awareness and/or funds regarding a local or international social need or injustice.

Policy & Procedures

The Policy and Procedure Ministry Team develops and maintains a manual which outlines personnel policies, position descriptions and ministry team guidelines of Grace Lutheran Church.

We welcome new members who would like to become a part of our team!

Preschool Steering

Growing in Grace Preschool teaches a loving, nurturing, play-based program focusing on the individual needs, interests and accomplishments of three and four year olds. The preschool is supported by a steering committee made up of members, parents and friends of Grace Lutheran Church. It is Christian based however children of all faiths are welcome. It is a heartwarming, friendly environment where children follow a structured program including free play, crafts, games, songs, stories and gym time.

Read more about our Preschool here


The property ministry team is responsible for the upkeep of the buildings and the rest of the property including minor repairs, lawn care, snow removal and tree pruning. This work is usually done by a volunteer basis except when a professional is required.

Women of Grace

Women of Grace is mainly a service group, consisting of all the women of Grace Lutheran, at this point our main focus is catering funeral and hosting a few special events it is a great way for the women of Grace to get to know each other better.

Mutual Ministry

We are waiting for this busy team to tell us about themselves. Details coming soon

Worship Planning

The Worship Ministry Team assists the Pastor with planning congregational worship - both regular and special services, choosing hymns and settings. They also arrange for pulpit supply/lay services during Pastor's absence and develop and implement new ways to enhance worship.

St Johns West

The mission of the St Johns West Ministry team is to facilitate maintenance of church property, including Cemetery and buildings. They also ensure repairs and maintenance are completed on an ongoing basis as needed and ensure lawns are cared for and arrange for snow removal.

In addition they approve all burials in the Cemetery and ensure that the proper burial permits are in place.


The purpose is to oversee the finances of the church and make recommendations to Council on financial matters.