Meet the Staff

Our Pastor

Pastor Fred Schneider delivers thoughtful sermons with a down-to-earth message geared for all ages with a little help from Zak, his puppet.

Office Administrator
Dorothy Schmidt keeps busy assisting the pastor, church staff and congregation, by managing the church office to keep it running smoothly and making all feel welcome.

Tasha Mackey keeps our church as clean as a hospital operating room. But we don't suggest scheduling your next surgery here. We're hoping to get an actual picture of her soon.


Kathy Coroluick is our treasurer. She's the one that takes care of making sure that the church finances are in order.

PreSchool Teacher

Betty Grayson is our Pre-school Teacher

Financial Secretary

Jane Wedman is our Financial Secretary

Bank Financial Administrator

David Ruff is our Bank Financial Administrator

Church Historian

Joanne Maynard is our Church Historian