Church Council

The church council of Grace Lutheran Church consists of congregation members serving three year terms. They are elected at the Annual meeting usually held in January and are allowed to serve two consecutive terms before leaving council for at least one year.

The council meets monthly to manage the mission of the congregation. If you have a question or concern that you would like church council to address please contact one of the members and inform them of the details. They will present it for you at a future council meeting. If you wish to present an agenda item in person please contact the Council Secretary or Chairperson to get it added to the agenda.

The members of council, the year their term expires and the ministry teams they liaison with are listed below:

Vivian Holtby (Chair) (2024) Missional Formation
Cynthia Feldberg (2024) Policy & Procedures
Connie Maygard (Recording Secretary) (2022) Finance
Jack Jensen (2024) GLC Property
Carrie Schmidt (2023) Education; Youth; Preschool
Bernice Scholze (2022) Fellowship; St. Johns Property
Brenda Shaver (2023) Women of Grace